Pack #3, Pack Includes: a 12pcs collection of Spanyid favourite lures (Raider, Raider hp)

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Pack #3, 12pcs Spanyid Metal Fishing lures
(Raider, Raider hp in pack)

(All assorted sticker colour)

  • Raider 40gm, 5pcs
  • Raider 65gm, 5pcs
  • Raider hp 40gm, 1pc
  • Raider hp 60gm, 1pc

metal fishing lures Raider

metal fishing lures Raider HP








See how great the lures catch fish…Video speaks for itself:

Designed to catch more fish!

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Raider metal fishing lures

How to use Spanyid Lures for best results?
How to use Spanyid Lures for best results

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