Pack #6, Pack Includes: a 12pcs collection of Spanyid favourite lures (Raider, Sniper, Strike it, Raider hp)

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Pack #6, 12pcs Spanyid Metal Fishing lures
(Raider, Sniper, Strike it, Raider hp in pack)

(All assorted sticker colour)

  • Raider 85gm, 2pcs
  • Raider 100gm, 2pcs
  • Sniper 75gm, 2pcs
  • Thunder flash 80gm, 2pcs
  • Strike it 45gm, 1pc
  • Strike it 80gm, 1pc
  • Raider hp 85gm, 2pcs

metal fishing lures Raider

Metal fishing lures Sniper

metal fishing lures Thunder Flash

metal fishing lures Strike it

metal fishing lures Raider HP





See how great the lures catch fish…Video speaks for itself:

Designed to catch more fish!

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Raider metal fishing lures

How to use Spanyid Lures for best results?
How to use Spanyid Lures for best results

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